Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ruthless Truth

Today I want to invite you to check out Ruthless Truth website. This is the place, where egos go to die. You go in, you put all you've got and let it burn. This is not a forum about liberation; it's the place for liberation. You can see how other people step by step peeled layers of illusion, faced the truth and helped others to do so.

I'm most grateful for the guys and girls there that helped me to make the last step.  The last for ego, the first for living free.

I went in on 25th of September. It has been intense and it definitely made me use my own brain. Thinking for yourself is something we are not used to do. So guys made me challenge all my beliefs. It has been a great teamwork. As soon as I let the doubt in, it was over.

I can not tell exactly what happened, I did not see the lights, nor hear the angels singing.  Just simple recognition of the truth- there never was me running a separate life, always was/ is life happening.  That's all. Simple.

The message of Ruthless Truth is: look at the truth that there is no you, once it's seen, you are free.

I got freedom from conflict in a head, no more thinking who is right and who is wrong, no place to attach any judgements, fear, anger, neither love, so the love is being felt much stronger and pure. Release of beliefs on a massive scale. The lie of self exposed and done with.

I see perfection in more ways than ever, synchronicity is mind blowing and ease of living every day is deepening. Life is amazing. (Big smile)

It's only been a few weeks for me, but it has been most exiting time.

So come visit the arena, check out the Hall of Fame for best conversations, look around and post your questions if you are feeling stuck. The truth will get you unstuck very quickly.

Just want to say one more time- Thank You all for this amazing experience.
Peace out.....


Hi Ilona,

Time to share my story which you were a large part of as were others in freeing me from the lie. You appeared in the BL (Busting Loose) facebook page at a time I was really really struggling with BL. In onwards after almost 4 years I was getting nowhere. I followed your advice and went to the Ruthless Truth website and started reading, and reading. Started asking questions and getting answers. Still not sure and lots of confusion on my part. This started on Nov 6th. I worked and worked and tried too hard.

I received an excellent post to what I was experiencing from both Kevin and StepVhen. This was yesterday (Nov 17) I knew it was time to bust the lie so here is what happened:

What was the experience? The lie that has been playing with me was finally exposed. I used my mind to tell me if the self did indeed exist. I questioned it from many different angles. I yelled I was angry I cussed. I wanted answers and I wanted them now. I stopped, listened, looked out a window; I observed and watched nature, squirrels, birds. Just noticed how it was all flowing nothing controlling any of it, it all just was. Isn't this how it is meant to be??

Realized that this is how it all works. But the lie of self was in control, causing emotional challenges and limitations. Blinding me from the truth. Not allowing things to flow. It was involved and in control. Then it stopped, just stopped. Peaceful relaxing. Then like now what, nothing lets just enjoy this and let it flow like I observed in nature.

That took about 2 hours. Then I came home and got back on the computer and there was Unison and that back in forth took maybe another hour. But time is totally irrelevant and does not matter how long it takes cause it is what it is

How self fell off??? Never did because it did not exist in the first place. The lie was exposed for what it was and that is what fell off. How can something fall off that never existed in the first place? The truth became apparent.


  1. Wooo Hoooo another deserving guy free

  2. wow, explain near death experience before jump to conclusions
    yes, we do have a self. and NDE is direct evidence. (search youtube)

    1. Whether with a body or without a body, a separate self is still an illusion. NDE is a look into the Bardo-state.

      I know it defies belief. But if you really want to know the truth (experientally, not intellectually), take a look what's happening at the internet community of liberation unleashed: